Back from the dead

Where there is a will, there is a way.


Finally , I’m back from being hiatus for so long. Life has been really stressful I have to admit. I’m currently undergoing my PT3 Examination for history and I’ve been working my butt of for Β a whole week. Hopefully I’ll be able to smile after I get my results. Who knows what could happen. Even though I am bad at history, there’s still hope ,I guess.


Stress About Exams πŸ’”

“Don’t Stress , Do Your Best And Forget The Rest !”

Examinations are so stressful and challenging , yet It makes us smarter than who we are today. If you think about from my point of view , If we don’t have examination , will we study ? Will we try to beat our friends ? Perhaps maybe even open a single educational book ? I believe not all of you would say you would. Some might but not all. Eventhough examinations are stressful , think if your holidays after your exams. Hanging out with family and friends. Maybe examination isn’t really that bad after all. Think of it as an obstacle that tries to slow you down but in the end you won the battle. Remember , you’re not the only one who is stress about it. More than 1 million students around the world have the same issue. Good bye now ! See you in the next post ! ヽ(*βŒ’βˆ‡βŒ’*)οΎ‰ Fighting !

Friendship β™₯

“Good friends are hard to find, harder to leave and impossible to forget.”

Friendship is something everyone has once found. Sadly, not all appreciate it. Some friends stay till the end while others fade away with the wind. I , myself , have gain some and lose some but one thing is for sure, is that I won’t ever forget them. Memories I made with them will always stand by me through rough and good times. Friendship is something worth more than gold or riches of any kind if you find a keeper. β™₯